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Burlingame Montessori Inc. - Burlingame Montessori and Glen Oaks Montessori

Burlingame Montessori and Glen Oaks Montessori are dedicated to providing children the highest standard in Montessori education.

Our programs are aimed at developing the intellectual, emotional and social independence of the child in a multi-cultural setting. Each child is encouraged to develop at their own rate, benefiting from a high level of individual teacher attention and motivation. Our cozy classrooms and stimulating materials make Burlingame Montessori an excellent environment for a child's potential to be guided and nurtured.

The schools are owned and administered by Lynette L. Caron, who recieved her American Montessori Teaching Credential and M.Ed. in 1976 from the College of Notre Dame. We are the sister school of Glen Oaks Montessori.


About our Teachers

The Montessori teacher functions as a facilitator of learning. As such, he or she is a designer of the environment, resource person, guide, role model demonstrator, and meticulous observer and recorder of each student’s behavior and growth. Our highly educated and trained teachers are dedicated to instilling a love of learning in their pupils.

Our teachers hold a BA Degree or an Early Childhood Education Credential, as well as an American Montessori Teaching Credential. The professional team of teachers is not only knowledgeable and experienced, but is extremely loving and nurturing. The majority of our staff has been with us for a minimum of 4 years.


"My son started at Glen Oaks Montessori shortly before his third birthday. Having taught pre-school myself, I did a lot of research when we moved to the peninsula. I was so incredibly impressed with the caliber of the teaching staff at Glen Oaks Montessori, my decision was effortless. The program is amazing. Soon after he began Glen Oaks Montessori, I stopped "teaching" at home. He was learning so much at school I would just listen in awe at home. Once I heard him count to thirty in French and I asked if they added French to the program at school. He replied, "No, Ms. Anne was teaching just me one day." He gets amazing individual attention, but at the same time has an equally amazing experience learning in a group children in a variety of ages. Finally, a word about the location. I have heard many a parent say, "And then I saw those huge windows in the classroom...the big open sky above the play serene and quiet." If ever there needed to be a deal breaker, the sunshine and tranquility of the location of Glen Oaks Montessori would do it. It is a beautiful place. In a nut shell, I couldn't be happier with my choice. If I did it all again, I'd do it the exact same way. Glen Oaks Montessori has been a wonderful growth experience for our entire family." -Susan Oshinsky-

"Many years ago, my husband and I went through the ordeal of finding the “right” pre-school for our eldest daughter. After visiting several pre-schools, we felt confident in choosing Burlingame Montessori. Simply put, Sophia has a wonderful and positive pre-school experience. Burlingame Montessori not only prepared her academically, but it gave our shy and artistic daughter the confidence to socialize, the ability to be creative, and a love for learning. When our second daughter was ready for pre-school, we enrolled her as well, giving her the same opportunities as her sister. Burlingame Montessori continues to set the right balance for our daughters' education: it remains an intimate learning environment that provides safety and comfort and yet does not restrict the children from exploring. They offer a substantial curriculum - from the practical life approach of pouring water into cups, to the tactile simulation of the counting beads – which made my daughters' enrollment worthwhile. In addition, they developed an awareness of physical and cultural geography through music, art, rhymes and Spanish. Furthermore, the director and the entire staff's warm and friendly disposition towards the children (and parents) is the key to the children wanting to discover the world around them. We were very fortunate to have both our daughters join the Burlingame Montessori family. At the end of the day, we believe that the children from this school learn through challenged, through action, through curiosity, and most importantly, by having fun." - Vivian Sanchez -

Our Program

We offer Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes for children ages 2 ˝ - 6 years old. Classes meet from Monday to Friday and are under the direction of certified Montessori teachers. Because of our limited class size (ratio 12:1), children receive the individual attention they need for optimum growth and development.

Based on the Montessori philosophy, our classroom is designed to accommodate all the areas of child development


Practical Life

Activities in Practical Life are designed to teach children how to function in their own environment on a daily basis. These tasks enable the children to gain independence, developing their abilities to operate without unnecessary aid. With activities that support the need for one-to-one correspondence and order, children learn the tools necessary for education in math and language.


Dr. Montessori discovered that the "development of the senses precedes that of superior intellectual activity." The sensorial materials train children to discriminate the differences in forms, colors, textures and smells. The refinement of the senses develops critical thinking, concentration and sequencing, which is preparation for the more complex education of math, reading and writing.


Maria Montessori believed that in a child's language development writing precedes reading. While training the hand to hold a pencil, the children also learn to spell simple words with the moveable alphabet. The two activities work in conjunction to spontaneously develop the children's writing skills, which in turn develop their reading skills.


Preparation for the exactness of Mathematics is developed in the order of the Practical Life and Sensorial activities. Mathematic activities are presented in a visual and tactile manner, allowing children to feel and understand the quantities presented to them before learning about the abstract concepts of numerals and their functions.


The cultural subjects deal with astronomy, botany, zoology, history and geography. Because of our dedication to our multi-cultural backgrounds, we encourage parents to participate and introduce their cultures to our children through songs, food and other fun activities.


Children find creative ways to express themselves through art. At the pre-conceptual and intuitive stages of development, children need the sensory stimulation of handling clay, coloring with crayons, markers and pencils, and cutting with scissors. Their individual artistic styles are developed as they gain control of their fine-motor movements.


We also offer Spanish classes every Thursday and Friday at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm. The focus is on vocabulary, which is reinforced through songs, dances and games.


Music is an integral part of our Montessori program. The children are exposed to music workshops as well as daily movements, finger plays and songs. They are also exposed to classical music which provides a soothing background as they work.


Our Montessori gardening program is a hands-on growing experience! The program teaches the children about growing vegetable crops and includes lessons in basic botany. The children will experience first hand the life cycle of plants, from seed to harvest, and begin to understand the relationship from garden to table.

Summer Camp

In July we offer a four week Summer Camp. We encourage all new students to enroll during this time as it provides a wonderful preparation for our fall program. Summer Camp includes Montessori curriculum, outdoor art, games and field trips



In the YogaKids after school classes, traditional yoga techniques have been recreated in playful, simple and fun ways. Using the Multiple Intelligence's Theory of Harvard educator Howard Gardner as a foundation, each pose becomes a springboard for activities that open the doorway to fully integrated learning. YogaKids is an adventure in health, harmony and education.

After School Arts Program

Our after school art enrichment program is an hour and a half of quality art education. The children learn techniques and styles of master artists and time periods by recreating works of their own.

Tuition and Enrollment

We offer Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten classes for children ages 2 ˝ - 6 years old. Classes meet from Monday to Friday and are under the direction of certified Montessori teachers.

Tuition is due in ten installments or may be paid in advance. Each payment should be made by the first of each month. Prices quoted below are based on monthly payments.

There is a non-refundable $100.00 registration fee that should be enclosed with the application.

Extended Care

We offer extended care at our Glen Oaks Montessori school in a warm, nurturing and restful atmosphere for children with indoor and outdoor activities, relaxing story time and engaging group activities. .


We invite you to discover that world of Montessori by observing the wonder of our children within our classrooms. You may contact us at (650) 342-4445 to make an appointment to observe one of our classes.


If you would like to receive an application form, please e-mail us at:

Burlingame Montessori School - or call us at (650) 342-4445

Glen Oaks Montessori School - or call us at (650) 872-1112..

Contact Information

Burlingame Montessori is conveniently located in the heart of Burlingame just off of 101 and El Camino Real.


Burlingame Montessori
525 California Drive,
Burlingame, CA 94010

Phone: (650) 342-4445


Glen Oaks Montessori is nestled in the peaceful community of Millbrae, located between interstates 101 and 280.


Glen Oaks Montessori
797 Santa Margarita, Suite A
Millbrae, CA 94030

Phone: (650) 872-1112